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Friday, November 8, 2013

Editor Reviews Author's Second Suspense Thriller and Cries for More

Title – "The Cardholder"
Author – Kelly O’Callan
Author's Web site 
Publisher: Kelly O'Callan; First edition (November 8, 2013)
Genre or category – Fiction, suspense, 
 149352173X / 9781493521739

Available on Amazon
Link to purchase on Nook 
Reviewed by Nina Meditz, Editor

I am Nina Meditz, editor and friend of the author, Kelly O'Callan. Her first book, Breaking Limbo, was published just two months ago. Kelly has just released her second book, The Cardholder. To say that I am even more enthusiastic about this book is an understatement. So far I have read it four times and am so excited that it is finally ready for the public. To be honest, not only could I not put this book down, but I asked Kelly to please consider following it up with a sequel, it's that good!

The Cardholder is a psychological suspense book. Psychologist, Maggie Simmons, is a marriage/couples therapist who has been rated number one in her city of Philadelphia. She is happily married with one son, and it seems her life is perfect. Then one day a new patient, Mickey Dillon, arrives in her office with an unusual request for help. At first Maggie hesitates, but her ego will not allow her to refuse the challenge before her. Maggie agrees to help Mickey, but in order to ensure success, she violates some serious ethical practices, including involving her sister, Annie. The more she crosses professional lines, the deeper in trouble she gets. Until one day her whole world, as she knew it, falls totally apart and she loses everything. 

The story has an unusual twist and surprise ending that you will never expect! It leaves the reader wanting more.


Kelly’s love affair with novel writing began with an English class in college, when she penned her first contemporary fiction novel, “Other People”. Shortly afterwards, she wrote the suspense-filled psychological thriller,“The Cardholder”. Feeling she had a wonderful gift to share – storytelling fused with fruitful life lessons for mankind- she became a member of the Bucks County Writers Room and attended several Philadelphia Writers Conferences.
Kelly’s pursuit of publication was put on hold when she suffered two disabling car accidents in less than a year, requiring over twenty surgeries within a six year period. In the meantime, she married and is raising two boys in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. After a ten year hiatus, she published her first book, “Breaking Limbo”, a paranormal psychological thriller, in September, 2013. Now, after many years of sitting on the shelf, "The Cardholder," is finally making it's debut! And, Kelly is working on getting "Other People" ready for publication for the spring of 2014.
You can read my review of Kelly's first novel, "Breaking Limbo" at http://thenewbookreview.blogspot.com/2013/09/editor-is-fan-and-reviewer-for-new.html
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Kelly O'Donnell said...

Thank you, Nina! I've only just begun.
Here is a link for a chance to win an autographed copy of The Cardholder:https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18747196?utm_medium=api&utm_source=giveaway_widget

Nina said...

Thank you for posting my review. Kelly is a very talented writer and I would love it if her work received the credit that it's due. I love this blog and am proud to be a member.

Nina said...

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