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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bonnie Milani Combines Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Book Title: Home World
Author: Bonnie Milani
Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
WOW! Blog Tour Dates: 11/18/2013-12/23/2013
Book Hashtag: #HWorld

Book Summary: 

 Amid the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Waikiki, Jezekiah Van Buren thinks he’s found a way to restore Earth – Home World to the other worlds of the human Commonwealth – to her lost glory. 

Ingenious even by the standards of the genetically enhanced Great Family Van Buren, Jezekiah has achieved the impossible:  he has arranged a treaty that will convert Earth's ancient enemies, the Lupans, to her most powerful allies.  Not only will the treaty terms make  Earth rich again, it will let him escape the Ring that condemns him to be Earth's next ruler.  Best of all, the treaty leaves him free to marry Keiko Yakamoto, the Samuari-trained woman he loves.  Everything’s set.  All Jezekiah has to do is convince his xenophobic sister to accept the Lupan's alpha warlord in marriage. Before, that is, the assassin she's put on his tail succeeds in killing him.  Or the interstellar crime ring called Ho Tong succeed in raising  another rebellion.  Or before his ruling relatives on competing worlds manage to execute him for treason. 
But Jezekiah was bred for politics and trained to rule.  He’s got it all under control. Until his Lupan warlord-partner reaches Earth.  And suddenly these two most powerful men find themselves in love with the same woman.   A woman who just may be the most deadly assassin of them all.

Author Bio:

I still remember the book that made me decide I could out-write another writer: it was a junior reader's biography of Sir William Harvey, the 17th century English physician credited (in the West) with discovering how blood circulates. After about 30 pages of telling myself "I can write better than that!" So I grabbed a crayon that just happened to be blue and started editing. I was maybe 7 at the time. And unfortunately for my juvenile bottom it was a library book. I followed the dream through college and after grad school, freelancing feature articles for newpapers along the East Coast. Even wrote a cover story for Science Digest! Only life and grown up responsibilities caught up with me by my late twenties and I put writing away with too many of my other dreams while I followed a career track. Wasn't until I lost my whole family that I realized story telling wasn't something i just wanted to do - it's the gift God gave me to do. So here I am: a middle-aged pudge working on getting back into a writer's kind of real life.

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