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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lynnette Phillips Reviews Women's Fiction

Relative Identity
Author: Holly Patrone
Author's Web site: http://www.hpatrone.com/
Genre: Women's Fiction
ISBN-10: 1934606413
Publisher: Tag Publishing, LLC
Available in Kindle and paperback versions at Amazon

Reviewed by Lynnette Phillips originally for her BookWorld Blog

I’m so glad to see this award winning sequel published. Holly Patrone guarantees this to be a laugh-out-loud novel and like the first in the April Serao series it definitely does not disappoint.

Holly Patrone has mastered the art of seeing the laughter in any situation and is able to pass it on to her readers. If there can be an upside to losing the love of your life and going on to raise your sons without him this storyteller has found it. Or does she have to (or want to) go on without him after all?

April’s adventures are joined by various cohorts including her mother “the original Sicilian Guilt Trip Queen”, a tattoo artist, a new boyfriend and her sons and co-workers.

In the second in the series April is shocked to find her mailbox unexpectedly stuffed with collection notices for things she never bought, April is beginning to suspect she’s the victim of identity theft. Before she can even being to get things straightened out, her son Chris’ car is repossessed, her house is vandalized and she’s arrested for assault with deadly tweezers. Frustrated with the lack of help through official channels and angry that her life has been turned upside down by someone she doesn’t even know, April decides to track down the perpetrator herself. 

What ensues is a wacky madcap adventure as April tries to unravel the truth and still juggle her chaotic life which includes answering questions such as: 
Is there ever a good reason to purchase a feather trimmed bustier and a meat grinder at the same time? Can voodoo dolls cause collateral damage? What do Cherry Cola Red #17 hair dye and the paint for April’s car have in common? 

The escapades flow and intertwine with each other, all the time leaving you grinning from ear to ear, leading you through the bewitching page turning fun.

If you need a star rating to enjoy a book this one gets 4+ stars but I’ll just recommend you don’t miss the guffaws and fun to be had.

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