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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Author and Blog Reviewer Loves Sci-Fi

Man-Kzin Wars XIII 
Man-Kzin Wars series
By Larry Niven
Note: The authors vary in each anthology
Available on Amazon  
Genre: Science fiction
ISBN: 978-1-4516-3816-5
Publisher: Baen (2012)

Reviewed by Joy V. Smith, originally for Amazon
5 stars out of 5

I liked all the stories, but Bound for the Promised Land, Tomcat Tactics, Pick of the Litter, and Misunderstanding (the quirkiest) were my favorites. This anthology is highly recommended. (It's rare when all the stories in an anthology are this good.)

Misunderstanding by Hal Colebatch & Jessica Q Fox is a fun story where the Kzin are befuddled by some strangely different aliens.
Two Types of Teeth by Jane Lindskold: I enjoy stories where Kzin and human work together to confound other Kzin or humans.
Pick of the Litter by Charles E. Gannon: Humans attempt to capture and raise and socialize Kzin kits... This premise caught my attention right away. Well executed.
Tomcat Tactics by Charles E. Gannon: A Wunderland (the planet) story. Humans fight back against Kzin occupying their planet. Another good premise, and I was happy to see another Wunderland story.
At the Gates by Alex Hernandez: Humans and Kzin inhabit a lost colony of Earth when a damaged Kzin ship appears above the planet. Suspenseful with a good payoff. (Hmm. I could have added this to my favorites, but I didn't want to include them all!)
Zeno's Roulette by David Bartell: A story involving the Puppeteers and a secret they use humans to retrieve. The Puppeteers aren't my favorite characters, but it was interesting to see them included in another anthology--and it was a puzzling mystery.
Bound for the Promised Land by Alex Hernandez: Bobcat, a tailess Kzin telepath, comes across an opportunity to escape his ship with a telepathic ARM agent hot on his trail.
About the reviewer: Joy V. Smith loves and writes science fiction. Some of her stories are collected in her latest e-book, The Doorway and Other Stories (available from Amazon Kindle: However, her upcoming novel, Detour Trail, is a story of the settling of the western frontier.

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