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Monday, June 4, 2012

Tim Ward Gives Karina Fabian's Fantast a Five!

Title: Mind Over Mind
Author: Karina Fabian
Category: fantasy/science fiction
ISBN-13: 978-1897942369 (print)
1897942362 (e-book)
Format: Trade paperback, e-book
Publication Date: Aug 8, 2011
Pages: 314
Price: $19.95 US (print) $2.99 (e-book)
Available from: DragonMoon Press,
More Info:

 Reviewed by Tim Ward, originally for Amazon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I heard that the main character, Ydrel, was a telepath empowered by an alien only he can see and hear, I had to buy it. I am writing a book with telepaths and so I came at this book from a researcher’s perspective. What Karina gave me was more than I anticipated. Here’s a rapid-fire list of what this book offers:

*Solid, clear-cut writing. She keeps it fresh, insightful, emotional, fun, and rewarding.

*Three point-of-view characters with emotional investment and story lines that keep you engaged to the end.

*A fascinating idea about an alien world contacting a young boy from two different angles. One source trains him to kill, and then makes him pay when he refuses. The other needs help to prevent her people from being wiped out in war. The images, conflict, and threats that this side of the novel presents offer a grand scale for the rest of the series. I can’t wait to find out what happens.

*When not set in a fantastical alien world, Karina explores the carefully hidden secrets that could thrive in a mental health facility when you have a telepath and a manipulative chief psychiatrist. Joshua, the young intern who walks into this snake pit, must deal with this psychiatrist, while also gaining Ydrel’s trust so that he can help him escape. Sound research makes this setting real, and you trust the author to tell it how it is, even if that makes things more difficult for the heroes.

*Finally, from a research standpoint, this book offered a ton of inspiration for writing my telepath characters. The best part was, I didn’t feel like I was researching. I came for the story, and was pleasantly surprised to find a new author and series to follow.

~ Learn more about Karina Fabian at Books to challenge the mind, touch the heart, and tickle the funny bone.

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