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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Women's Nonfiction Reviewed by Book Club

Title: My Pilgrim's Heart
Subtitle: A woman's journey through marriage and other foreign lands
By Stephanie Dale
Author's Web site:
Genre: Travel memoir
ISBN: 978 09821 40765

Reviewed by Chocolate Amethyst (chocolateamethyst) originally for Talk the Talk Women's Book Club

You won't find Stephanie Dale in My Pilgrim's
, you will find yourself. What you will find is Stephanie Dale right beside you."
Stephanie - thank you. Every time you comment,  My Pilgrim’s Heart comes alive in a different “light”. I would like to thank you for for creating a “atomosphere” of sincerity, truthfulness, and “tough love”. This blog page has allowed the TTT Ladies a precious opportunity to be “real”. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to comment and answer each question. I did my final post on 6 May 2012, and honestly I have been on a “journey” of self reflection. Your book My Pilgrim's Heart has opened up the flood gates to my soul and mind. I did not realize how much “tension” that is in my spirit. I have set some new goals for myself, and I have a plan to be proactive with each one. Your Journey is full of wisdom, and your insight is limitless.
 TTT Ladies I really hope that other book clubs take this journey with Stephanie Dale and My Pilgrim’s Heart. They will discover the” journey” in their heart, 
Stephanie you are a ‘rare jewel’, and I have the upmost respect for you.”

More About the Author:
Stephanie Dale

Traveling writer
Twitter: @stephaniedale22

'A lover is a fighter who believes
her desires are shared by all the world' Harriet Rubin
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