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Friday, June 15, 2012

New E-Book Helps Authors Shoot Their Books to Amazon Bestseller Lists

Amazon Categories Create Best Sellers: But That's Not All They Do by Aggie Villanueva
ISBN 13: 978-0-9825914-4-4
Genre: Non-fiction, How-to
Category: Writing, Publishing
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This book was an immediate bestseller in multiple categories and that status for the first seven  weeks of publication, which attests to the effectiveness of this book.


This e-book is the most comprehensive help you'll find in using the simple techniques offered through Amazon's category choices, leading to your book to not only become a category bestseller but also make many of Amazon's other top-100 lists.
Further, this book discusses background Amazon strategies and controversy affecting authors while attempting to understand and utilize it on many levels. A fellow author's probe into the machinations of Amazon's mega-publicity engine. It attempts to understand Amazon Book Store's multi-leveled promotional core with no legal lingo, no geek speak."

Amazon created an ingenious marketing engine that drills through several layers of free and automated publicity, each layer completely unique, and each layer reaching millions of readers every minute of every day.

They have wisely structured their site for auto-promotion, promotion and more promotion applied to each book without bias. But few authors are aware of the tendrils of opportunity extending from your sales page to your target audience. And those lead to more and those lead to more and...

Even lesser known is that it all starts with categories.

Categories are the inverted pyramid point from which nearly every top-100 list is drawn. Mess up your categories and you'll never rank in most of Amazon's lists, including bestselling.

What people are saying:

"This book is a little jewel. Aggie Villanueva changes your perspective of Amazon from that of an online book store to that of an author publicity machine. like its namesake - is a large, unfathomable, murky river with many secrets and many treasures. This book shines a light on one such secret - using the categories function on Amazon to create best sellers. This little book is essential reading for authors ... even those who hate Amazon!"
Vikram Narayan, CEO
“I’ve been in the kindle ebook publishing game for a number of years now, have learned a lot, but after reading this Kindle book, it made me realize there is still tons of stuff I don’t know – and need to know. I also already had a basic understanding about Amazon categories – but Villanueva has obviously been combing through Amazons methods and policies – analyzing everything in critical detail, and what she has discovered is significant and important.”
Ken Korczak, Reviewer.

About the Author:
Aggie Villanueva  is a Bestselling, Award-winning Author & Marketing Specialist, and owner of Promotion a la Carte author marketing services. She also owns My Book Marketing Systems where authors get their mobile app affordably.

Aggie Villanueva 575.268.6095 Skype: myaggie2
Promotion a la Carte, Promotional Menu of Choice: Promoting Authors & Celebrating Books

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