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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Honoring Father/Daughter Writing Team Today

Note from Carolyn (your New Book Review blogger): This review is specially posted today to honor fathers and daughters everywhere, but especially father and daughter writing teams. I don't know many of them. Deacon Steve Lumbert and Karina Fabian are father and daughter who came to their faith in different ways. Karina was raised in it, while Steve discovered his calling later in life. Steve is a Deacon and parish administrator in Pueblo, CO. Karina is a writer, military wife, and mother of four.

Title: Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life
Author: Karina Fabian and Deacon Steve Lumbert
Category: Christian, devotionals, spirituality
ISBN: 9780982256534
Available from: Publisher (Tribute Books)
or Amazon or other online dealers
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Reviewed by Elizabeth Weidner originally for A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars
Fathers are so cool, they can be the best person in a child's life....or the worse. It's their choice. Much of it depends on their own bringing up, how they interpret the role of parenthood, especially the role of being the father. Fathers balance the family scales with mothers, giving the children in the nest two places to rely on. From the dawn of history, mothers were the nurturers, consolers, and source of gentle loving confidence. Fathers, on the other hand, provided the means to which the family survived, food, money, shelter, and protection from the outside.

Children, therefore, saw in a father the strength of one beyond their own capacity. The automatic dependence was a source of security that only in the strength of the father could a child even think of venturing outside the cocoon of the mother's nest.

The father's dependence on the mother was also a sign of strength to the children. His love and devotion to their mother impressed upon their children that strength is a sign of wisdom when it can bow down to dependence and devotion to another.

In August (2010), at the Catholic Media Network and Catholic Writer's Conference Live event in Philly, I was able to meet just such a father in Deacon Steve. He and his daughter, Karina, wrote a book together sharing their history and growth in their belief and dependence in God.
"Why God Matters," is a compilation of experiences and life lessons that both brought them closer together and instilled in them that God is there for them at each and every corner of their lives. Both are a complete delight and without saying a word are beacons of hope for those around them in God. Just by their actions, you can tell they have joy in their hearts and hope on their sleeves. They know God and God knows them.

Meeting them both, I can see that Karina is the person she is because of her father's role in her life. Deacon Steve has truly been a devoted father to both his daughters and completely devoted to their mother. Yes, trials followed him throughout their family life, but it never dimmed their love for God, on the contrary, it strengthened their awareness of His presence.

The stories in their book will make you laugh, cry, and even give you an "Ah ha" moment through their life lessons section following each chapter. I loved the book and went away from reading it with the wide-open message that fatherhood is so imperative to a child's psyche and security. Karina is blessed and Deacon Steve is a blessing.
 ~Karina just wants to add that her "dad is everything Elizabeth says and more, and working on the book with him was one of the highlights of her writing career

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