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Monday, August 26, 2013

Children's Author Calls Fellow Author's Book Wonderful Read

Cassie & Chloe's Captivating Crystal Crawlspace Chronicles

By Trinisse ChanelISBN: 978-1460994030Paperback: 194 pages
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Reviewed by  Sarah Renee originally for Amazon

The first in a series, Cassie and Chloe's Captivating Crystal Crawlspace Chronicles introduces readers to two brave, adventurous girls named Cassie and Chloe. As the story unfolds, the two curious girls find themselves stumbling into an exciting new world filled with incredible new sights. Along with their adorable Pomeranian Moondoggie and their sweet cat Pierre, the sisters explore the new world of Serendipity Springs and meet a lot of curious but delightful people and find a lot of amazing adventures.

The siblings Vicky and Nicky, who live in Serendipity Springs, become Cassie and Chloe's guides to show them this new world--and along the way, form a deep friendship. The group of six: Cassie, Chloe, Vicky, Nicky, Moondoggie, and Pierre -take part in a lot of exciting different activities. Among many other spectacular adventures, the six friends play exciting games in a place called the House of Fun, have exciting adventures in many different places from New York to Japan at a place called the Dress-Up Pavilion, enter into the worlds of different books in the Magical Mystical Library, and see dozens of other incredible places in Serendipity Springs.

However, the group is also troubled by the appearance of two evil twins. The brave girls, along with their pets and their new friends, try to help the people of Serendipity Springs stop the twins evil plan and must use logic and courage to outwit the evil pair.

Cassie and Chloe meet many friendly people in Serendipity Springs and form plenty of wonderful friendships. The adventures they go on in this new world are exciting and very imaginative. The girls and their friends are great role models to exemplify friendship, creativity, and bravery in the face of danger. The different adventures Cassie and Chloe find in Serendipity Springs will captivate and delight the imaginations of children. I recommend this book for children around ages 7-11 who enjoy a good book filled with wonderful characters and exciting adventures.

The reviewer is an author of children's books in her own right.


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