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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Science and Religion: A Discussion by Daniel Friedman

Title: The  Broken Gift
Author: Daniel Friedmann
Author's Web site link: http://danielfriedmannbooks.com/
Genre: science/religion
ISBN 978-0978457228
Book Cover: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DZDxJYbmgw0/UdNHrcHuWcI/AAAAAAAAA8w/vZ2cSyIR7Ng/s320/The-Broken-Gift-1000x1600-no-subtitle-1.jpg
Available: http://www.amazon.com/The-Broken-Gift-Daniel-Friedmann/dp/0978457226


In my fourth year at university, some fundamental questions concerning our origins began to re-appear. The research involved in answering these questions at one level took most of my life but most intensely about 2 years. It took a year or so to write it all down and back up every statement with a peer reviewed source or biblical source. Publication of The Broken Gift proceeded over the past 6 month or so.

In discussion with my nephews who experienced a very detailed science education on origins seemingly in conflict with Sunday school teachings were not getting satisfactory answers.  I knew I could get a better understanding of our origins from our two largest sources of knowledge - Science and the Bible.
Many have asked how can one even compare religion and science on this issue- they come from very different points of view? True, but they both claim to know what happened and when - one or both must be right? The Broken Gift focuses on hard evidence of what happened and when - once that account is reconciled it discusses how it happened, which for science and religion is somewhat different.
How did you pick the points to compare? Science has developed a certain timeline of events from apes to modern day. Genesis also contains a timeline of events from the beginning of time until 4000 years ago. I picked the key defining moments of those timelines to compare against each other and to compare and contrast what happened, when and how. This knowledge was exciting and fresh and I was encouraged to write the book, The Broken Gift, sharing what I had found.

So what did I find? That the Bible and science are mostly in agreement as to what happened and how - although not completely on when it happened, and by studying both the Bible and science we can get as close as we have ever gotten to understand how we came to be.

So, how did we get here? Reading The Broken Gift can encourage quality time with your family.  They will enjoy having a discussion about science, religion and the meaning and purpose of life.
Whether you agree or disagree. Either way, you will be fascinated! Visit Banyen Books & Sound   November 7th, I will be available to talk with or autograph your book.


Daniel Friedmann is CEO of MDA Corp., specializing in robotics. He has a master's in engineering physics and 30 years' experience in the space industry. He has published more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers on space industry topics. He is also a longtime student of cosmology and religion. Daniel Friedmann has been mentioned in the National Post, Toronto Star and Idea City.  Connect with Daniel Friedmann on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Genesis-and-Science/141524692605591
and at http://danielfriedmannbooks.com/.


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Great book for families, creates hours of discussion.