Thursday, August 15, 2013

Truman State Prof Reviews New Historical Fiction

Title of novel: Antigone and Creon: Guardians of Thebes
Authors of novel: Victoria Grossack & Alice Underwood
Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN-13: 978-1482794410
Number of pages: 432 pages
Publisher: Create Space

Reviewed by Bob Mielke, Professor of English at Truman State University


Antigone and Creon: Guardians of Thebes by Victoria Grossack and Alice Underwood is their fifth, latest and best installment of the Tapestry of Bronze series.

Antigone is certainly the most iconic and evergreen character in Greek legend, a timeless embodiment of civil disobedience for the right reasons. She gives our authors a lot to work with. Appropriately, they do her full justice. Not only is she fleshed out psychologically far beyond what Sophocles could accomplish in his drama; her life is given surprising (but defensible) plot twists. So -- as was not the case with their earlier Jocasta -- the complacent reader will have the narrative rug pulled out from under them on occasion.

            This book works on every level: as a thriller and a mystery, as a deep evocation of ancient Greece right down to the minutiae of its folkways, as thoughtful entertainment. Grossack and Underwood join the likes of Mary Renault, Robert Graves and Norman Mailer as unsurpassed revivifiers of antiquity. Hollywood should option this!

Meanwhile, prepare to be enthralled by the print version....


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Unknown said...

So glad to see this review! I have not read the book but after enjoying one of Victoria Grossack's other books it will go on my "definitely read" list. She really knows how to make characters we have known in the past take on life and draw us into them.