Saturday, August 17, 2013

Goodreads Reviewer Gives Erotica Five Stars

Title:  Water Ecstasy
Author:  Alexa Busnell
Genre:  fiction, erotica,  paranormal
 Published by Amazon Kindle KDP
Reviewed by Meghan R for Goodreads and Amazon 

A fantasy story with a refreshing erotic bent, Alexa Busnell’s ‘Water Ecstasy’ is something I haven’t seen in years: a well-written tale you will actually love sinking your mind-teeth into.

‘Water Ecstasy’ is about a girl, Coral, who has the ability to create—“conjure” is the preferred word—water. Apparently, it is a rare, important power, yet Coral cannot accomplish it without having the necessary elements. And so she embarks on an arduous, highly risk journey toward a far-away continent, along with her most loyal friends. Obviously, it’s not at all a walk in the park, as the journey has to wend its way through dangerous landscapes and unfriendly territories, and Coral and her party have to use wit, cunning and skill to survive and reach their destination. And believe me, the journey is a white-knuckled, edge-of-your-seat adventure—sexually charged in the right places, of course.

A novel of the fantasy genre, ‘Water Ecstasy’ is so skillfully written—Busnell is such a seasoned writer that she has deftly sinewed this tale with enough verisimilitude to make every moment—every character—as believable as today’s headlines. You take ownership of Coral’s desire to do what she has always wanted to do—and you’re there, beside the girls and their new-found allies, as they persevere to get what they want. The emotional resonance of their ultimate goal is such that you keep turning the pages, starving to know what happens next. And for me, that’s what a good fantasy story is all about—to make you suspend your disbelief so much you forget you’re reading fiction.

Fans of the erotic fantasy genre—especially those who love a strong-willed heroine—will love every page of Busnell’s ‘Water Ecstasy’. A perfect read on a rainy weekend. Five stars, no less.

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