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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

If You Like Philip Marlow or Mad Max...

Title: TWIST
Author: Myron Night
Author's Web site link:
Genre or category: hard-boiled detective novel, dystopian futureISBN-10: 1935961845
Name of reviewer: Beth Bacon (aka Beth A B)
Reviewed by Beth Bacon (aka Beth A B) originally for

If you like Philip Marlow and / or Mad Max...
...You'll love Adam Twist, hardscrabble detective in the year 2075. He's living in a bleak, tough world where resources are scarce--and so is justice. Here's the story: The czar-like head of the INside world hires Adam to go OUTside to find his 20-year-old daughter, Dora. She ran away from her life of comfort to, she believes, help orphans. What I loved about Twist are the characters. Even the smallest roles have punch and life and spirit. No one is purely good or evil, though some are pretty close to evil. Myron Night's descriptions are gripping and full of vivid imagery. This is a fun, escapist read for those who get their kicks escaping to a world where environmental destruction has blighted the continent. It's a world where justice and liberty, like a huge tornado, have blown away leaving nothing but devastation in its wake. Adam Twist manages to find a rag-tag team of cohorts to help him fight the powers that be. I enjoyed the "twisted" and strangely whimsical references to the Wizard of Oz. I won't give away the ending, but Dora doesn't end up like Dorothy, and the OUTside is nowhere like Oz
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