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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Literary Agent Interviews Horror Writer

Hi! I am Carolyn Howard Johnson, your trusty New Book Review blogger and author of the multi award-winning HowTo Do It Frugally Series of books for writers. This blog has heretofore been exclusive for reviews but I thought I’d do a special series of interviews after I chatted with Jeanie Loiacono, President of Loiacono Literary Agency – Where ‘can’t’ is not in our vocabulary!  I thought sharing the interviews would help the many subscribers and visitors to this New Book Review blog, including authors, reviewers, and, of course, readers who just might find a new favorite author among the featured books and authors.

So, today welcome Michael Infinito. 

Michael Infinito has been hailed as the next Stephen King.
A novelist and short story writer, he grew up in New Jersey but now resides under the clear blue skies of eastern North Carolina. With a life-long passion for literary arts, his goal has always been to create compelling stories that people won’t want to put down. He has written several novels: 12:19 (MuseItUp Publishing) The Death SiteThe Hanging TreeXXXtreme Discretion and The Colby Ghost (Black Opal Books) with more to come.

1.      What is your genre? Is it fiction or nonfiction? Fiction. I write some horror like 12:19; thrillers like A Wish To Die For and XXXtreme Discretion, A soon-to-be-released historical ghost story of sorts called The Hanging Tree, and a paranormal love story named The Colby Ghost. I write what I'm feeling at the time, so I might drift from a set genre at times. I even wrote a young adult Halloween story, The Secrets of Hallow.
2.      What made you want to be a writer? I've always enjoyed telling stories, even when I was a kid. I was never much good with a typewriter, but computers made it easier for me to get my thoughts out.
3.      Of all the authors out there, who inspired you most? Probably Poe. I follow books that catch my attention more than specific authors.
4.      What is your writing style? Do you outline? Linearly? By scene? Why? I'm fairly linear. I outline loosely on occasion, but for the most part I keep the story in my head. I usually have the ending mapped out before I start the story.
5.      Do you write every day? How much? How long? Depends on my day job. My first novel was written during lunches on the back of construction plans. I fit writing in as best I can.
6.      Do you think reading is as important to writing for an author? Why? Not at all. I haven't read someone else's work in over two years. If you have your own style, and your own ideas, why would you need inspiration from a fellow author? Just my opinion.
7.      What are some of the things you would like to share with budding authors? Just write because you like it. Don't view it as a job opportunity. I'd write even if I never made a dime.
8.      Do you have any marketing and promotional advice, referrals, tips you would like to share? I need someone to share them with me. lol I don't feel that self-promotion is my strong point.
9.      Do you think conferences are beneficial? If so, what have you learned? Which ones do you frequent? Haven't been to one, but I'd love to go. I will get to one soon. I believe showing up anywhere would be beneficial. When people can put a face to a name it really helps.
10.  Where can we find you, your books and when is your next event? Online at major retailers. I do not have any events lined up as of now.  Facebook Twitter                                        
     Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency, Jeanie Loiacono

MORE ABOUT THE SPONSORING AGENTS Agent,  Marketing and Publicity – Melissa Carrigee
Reading and writing is a way of life for Melissa Carrigee.  As a literary agent and award winning graphic artist, she combines her two passions of business and writing.  She has published works in newspapers and magazines as well as a published novel. Featured Columnist for The Family Forum, Parents and Kids Magazine – Mississippi Gulf Coast.
I want a horror book to read all night long while I check behind the doors for the boogey man.  I’m looking for a thriller that keeps me reading and guessing (and just when I think I’ve figured it out, I’m wrong).  I’m looking for children’s books that engage the parent and the child.  I’m looking for young adult novels – but NOT Twilight and not wizards.  That’s been done.  I’m looking for any story with a great plot.  Something I can sit and read in a few days with characters that make me think about them long after I’ve finished the book.
Genres: horror, science fiction, historical fiction, commercial fiction, mysteries, thrillers, dramas, historical romance, children’s (picture and mid-grade)—any book that has a great story with unforgettable characters.

Jeanie Loiacono, President, Loiacono Literary Agency - A facilitator of dreams, Jeanie Loiacono represents over eighty authors. Her forte is mystery, romance, thrillers, historical/military/southern fiction, and all quality fiction/nonfiction. Her passion is to see her authors succeed.
“There is nothing more rewarding than to hold one of my author’s books and know I helped bring it to fruition. I am so blessed and privileged to be able to work with some of the most talented writers in the world.”


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