Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reviewer Loves Hot Paranormal Romance

Title:  Fashionably Dead
Series: Hot Damned Series, Book 1
Author: Robyn Peterman
Genre:  Literature & Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Demons & Devils, Humor & Satire, General Humor
Reviewer's Rating: 5 star

Reviewed by Tracey Quintin originally for Goodreads

ONLY Robyn Peterman could pull off writing a romantically fun suspense-fully witty book such as Fashionably Dead where you find you can't put the book down!

You are brought into a magical world where vampires, faeries, angels and demons exist and YOU find yourself wanting to be part of a super cool dominion. Heck who wouldn't want a HOT HOT HOT looking Prince Vamp in their life who runs this dominion, where you are gorgeous and wear Prada! How can that be? Because Robyn is able to make it believable in her way of words that draw you in!

Robyn provides you with some zany and whacky zingers that crack you up, plus words I've never heard before AND IT WORKS! She's outrageously witty and brilliant in being able to write a book you think is going to be off the wall but makes you fall in love and wanting more, you don't want the book to end!!!

I SO want to be in the main character, Astrid's place to experience ALL the things she not only endures but to be with the other vamps, demons, faeries and angels! WOW!!

Yet another brilliant book Robyn! Bring it on girl because I want to read more!!!

I should mention that this book is for adults and contains sex, violence, and profane language. I don't mind reading books with this content as long as it fits the story. In this book it absolutely fits.

Very highly recommend this book. It's a must read!!! BRAVO Robyn!


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OldMom said...

Thank you for sharing my review of this hilariously well written story! If you want some laughs, this is a must! ~Tracey