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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reviewer Committed to Jacelyn Rye's Books

Title:  Surrender to Fate
Series: Part One of Fate's Path
Author: Jacelyn Rye
ISBN #:   B00FA2B9US
Reviewer's Rating: 5 star

Reviewed by Tracey Quintin originally for Goodreads


When I first started reading this book and saw it began in 1942, I thought to myself uh-oh I’m not going to enjoy this because I haven’t been interested in historical romances in quite some time. With that said, before I even completed Chapter 1 I was COMPLETELY RIVETED! I don’t think this falls into the typical “historical” romance category so if you aren’t into that either, you MUST READ THIS!

Jacelyn has written this totally captivating book so that the characters and story are vividly and beautifully brought to life. I literally wanted to live and breathe this book and for it to never end. The emotional journey you are taken on is enormous. You feel the emotions of each of the characters, you feel like you are at the locations described – all with such unbelievable clarity. I literally felt such pure heartfelt emotion reading every single page of this book.

In this story, you are taken on a journey that begins with 2 families in Colorado, parents and children the best of friends – neighbors, always there to help and support each other in any way, sharing events and holidays together. A sweet, tender, beautiful romance emerges from friendship between the son and daughter of each of the families.

Back then times were so tough, families fought hard to keep food on the table and being able to support their farms. Fate changes the path of 1 family with the promise of a steady job for the head of the house offered by an old friend that takes them from their “home” in Colorado and those they love to a brand new beginning in California. Dreams must be left behind for both families and children and love pulled away too soon.

In California, everything is different – the weather, the farm, the people, the stability. The family has a hard time transitioning to their new California roots as warm and inviting as the friend’s farm is and his family. With the passing of time, feelings of what used to be “home” seem to diminish but can you ever really let those feelings go? There are a lot of miles separating Colorado from California.

A crushing event happens to 1 of the families that turns their life upside down. Will they be able to ever find happiness again or will everything remain a memory?

The children grow and mature. Relationships grow, new romances develop on a more mature level but do they trust that the answer will come at the right time and be clear as to when and if to move on?

A 3 cent postage stamp can keep the connection through a letter – should the stamp be used? When should it be used? Would it make it there if used?

The attack on Pearl Harbor happens, sending young men to prepare for battle. Are decisions made too late?

I can’t rave enough about this book! I literally highlighted so many parts in the book that meant so much to me as a reader. There’s a thought from a main character in the story “...Once something leaves a profound mark on the heart, the mark is always there…certain that while the mark may fade with time, the scar would remain...” This book to me certainly was no scar, but has left a profound mark on MY heart.

Be prepared for an emotionally charged book that’s for sure with a major cliffhanger. Oh and read it to find out about “Me Ware Wo”! WOW!!!!

I have found another favorite author and absolutely can’t wait to read more of Jacelyn’s work. BRAVO on a brilliant piece of work! I’m STILL emotional about this book.

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1 comment:

OldMom said...

Thank you for sharing my review of this phenomenal story! I'm completely and utterly in love with it and it's still with me today long after reading.
I so fell in love with not only the story but Jacelyn's writing. When I heard she was won many awards for this and she'd be at the awards and signing event in FL, I HAD TO GO! I HAD to be there to see this wonderful author receive her well deserved awards and meet her in person. I've never done that in my life! I never flew by myself and stayed by myself in my life, it was THAT important to me and I had the BEST TIME ever!
I highly highly recommend this story! ♡