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Monday, September 3, 2012

Amazon Top Ten Reviewer Gives Book a Great Shoutout!

Title - Return to the Aegean
Author - E.J. Russell
Literary Fiction – mystery/romance
ISBN-10: 1467935255
ISBN-13: 978-1467935258
Available as Kindle

Reviewed by Eleni Ergina, a top 100 reviewer for Amazon.UK
5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT !!! 21 April 2012

Thalia, a successful deep sea diver, travels around the world, trying to escape the ghosts of her past and the tragedy that struck her family thirteen years ago, until finally she decides to return to the Greek island of her childhood, to discover the truth about the loss of her mother and her twin brother. In the Greek island Katafigio, after a long quest, Thalia discovers the truth, but most importantly she discovers herself, finds solace in the love and care of old friends and reclaims something she thought she had lost for ever; the sanctuary of her childhood.

The excellently written book is a story of self discovery as much as it is a mystery. In modern day Greece, Thalia investigates her brother's case, rekindles old relationships and reestablishes her roots in the beautiful island of Cyclades by the fictional name of Katafigio. Throughout the story, brief flashbacks masterfully unfold the history of her family, without interrupting present events. The story is gripping, well paced and wonderfully immerses the reader into Thalia's world.

The characters are very well developed, realistic, and although not always likable, drawn with great insight and humor. However, the greatest quality of this book is the beautiful atmosphere. I cannot praise enough the brilliant use of imagery, the amazing descriptions of Greek nature, and the detailed accounts of the island's customs and everyday life. It is truly a love letter to the island and its people.

I was given a free copy by the author, but that did not influence my opinion in any way.

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