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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Terry Whalin's Jumpstart Will Jumpstart Any Author's Book

Title: Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams
Subtitle: Insider Secrets  to Skyrocket Your Success
By Terry Whalin
Publisher: WTW Press, Scottsdale, AZ
Author’s  Web Site:
ISBN :9781935085546
Available on Amazon
Also available as an Audio Book
Review originally published on Amazon

Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, multi award-winning author of fiction, poetry, and the HowToDoItFrugally Series, one series for writers, one for retailers

Terry Whalin’s Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams is a book that can truly give any writing career a nudge, but it will be invaluable to those who write nonfiction. For inspiration we have a foreword that tells the unforgettable success story of the Chicken Soup series  from Mark Victor Hanson. It illustrates his theory that persistence counts. He says, "I believe if at first you don’t succeed, so what?” He also uses his story to show writers how we must be ready to change our course if we want to succeed.

So here’s the thing. Once you’ve hopped on the wagon to success like Hanson suggests, Terry Whalin tells you how to steer it, how to keep  it in repair, even how to put it in the race. You’ll learn how

·        to plan,

·        how to get experience,

·         how to strengthen your story,

·        how to build your platform,

·         why you should get an agent

·        and how to get a good one. 

Even better. Whalin provides resources to help you along the way. Both in this book and to reliable sites online including his own helpful blogs and Web site. It sort of doubles the bang for the, book.

And here’s the real beauty of this book. It is based on Whalin’s real life experience in the publishing industry. We should not take lightly the advice offered by someone who knows, rather than someone who has merely researched, stirred, and served up the same old, same old hash.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson an author who has published every which way—from self-publishing to traditional. And in many genres—from poetry to nonfiction including the multi award-winning Frugal Book Promoter. She has taught for nearly a decade at UCLA Extension renowned Writers’ Program and was named Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment by members of the California Legislature.  She reviews books on writers' craft and marketing.
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Terry Whalin said...


Thank you for the terrific words about Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams.I'm honored to be here in this spot. My intention with this book was to help many writers and the more who know about my book--the better. Your review is a huge part of this continued effort.

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