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Sunday, September 16, 2012

KA-BOOM! Makes Big Hit with World of Ink Network

Title: KA-BOOM!
Written by: Alyce Joy
Illustrated by: Diane Lucas
Author website:
Genre of Book: Children’s Chapter Book Fantasy Adventure
Publisher: Halo Publishing Int.
ISBN-10: 161244069X
ISBN-13: 978-1612440699
Paperback: 46 pages
Date: July 2012

Review provided by World of Ink Network

KA-BOOM! is about a little fairy named Sprout that runs into trouble quite often. She has a shoe fetish, but is one of the queen’s favorites because in the end she gets the job done.
Sprout meets a little girl named Taylor after blowing up Taylor’s dollhouse. Sprout doesn’t give up trying to get Taylor to trust her. She and Taylor finally become friends after Sprout shrinks Taylor and together they have a fantastic adventure. Taylor never thought she would be talking to Sir Leapsalot, let alone ride on his back and hopping lily pads. The message? Never give up.

Besides teaching children how to deal with fear and anger, Alyce Joy does a great job showing children how we can’t judge each other from first impressions. Children also learn friendships are something that grow as we get to know each other and face what life throws at us together.

What Others Have Said About the Book:

The author introduces some really cool vocabulary words for kids like lollapalooza and cumbersome, imperative, pathetic and many more added to a glossary of Sprout’s favorite words at the end of the book. Just think how cool that will be when you go to school and the teacher asks for words that mean the same as these and you come up with gallant for courageous or even humongous for huge. ~Fran Lewis, Book Reviewer, Author and Focus on Discussion blog talk radio host

This is a charming book that incorporates a magical fairy, adventure and a great message about having a positive attitude. You will be enchanted with Taylor and her adventures with a non-traditional fairy that has a great vocabulary! This is a perfect bedtime story that is bound to be a real page turner. ~Connie Marzullo, Principal, Sharon Center Elementary School

This is a fun book. It uses fantasy to create a sense of reality for children. The characters are colorful and invite children to create their own vision of what they look like. The word dictionary, in the back of the book, will not only define some of the words, but also provide a useful skill set for the children. A very readable book! ~Michael E. Carlson, Ed.D, Former Superintendent of Highland School System

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Available wherever books are sold and online.
About the Author: 
Alyce Joy was blessed with four children for whom she composed bedtime verses every night. That inspired her to publish a children’s book of prayers, entitled, “Priceless Gems.” When her children were grown, she began to write stories for her grandchildren.
Always fascinated with arts and crafts, she taught herself the art of pyrography. This fired her imagination, and she started burning life-sized pictures of wildlife onto all the doors of her home. Her wood burnings are scattered through the U.S. and Canada.
After deciding to put away her burning tools and torches, she enrolled in, and graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature.
Alyce Joy hopes every child who reads her stories will look forward to each new adventure, as her favorite fairy becomes entangled into many, outrageous happenstances.
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Virginia S Grenier said...

Thank you so much for sharing about Ka-Boom! This is such a fun fantasy adventure book for kids.