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Friday, September 28, 2012

Goodreads Reader Reviews Teresa Morrow Book

Title - Life Lessons from the Heart
Author - Teresa Morrow
Author's Web site link -
Genre or category - inspirational nonfiction /personal development
ISBN - 9781476264196
Publisher: Smashwords
Review originally published on Goodreads
Reviewer's rating 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed by Darin Godby

Author Teresa Morrow does a fantastic job of helping the reader think
outside the box and look for opportunities that abound around us. She
helps the reader understand there are many influencers around us that help
mold us into their thinking, but also consider that we can be an
influencer and affect those around us concerning our thinking.

She discusses how we must learn to release control as well as understand
that we can't change someone. When a person realizes they need to change
then the opportunity for change comes, but not before then. There are many
personal stories and illustrations to help the reader learn from issues
within the author's life and thus easy for the reader to stay focused and
learn without it reading like a textbook. This is a very enjoyable,
valuable and rewarding read.

There is a section on focusing on the positive as well as the blessings we
find surrounding us. Also, there is a section on asking for help and not
trying to go the journey alone. How many of us can relate and learn from

She also discusses how anger can eat one alive and destroy their
opportunity to be the best person they can become. Then she challenges the
reader to get past their past and move forward in life. Again, I must ask,
how many readers wouldn't need this material at some point within their

This book is so relational and helpful. I would recommend it to anyone who
desires to improve their own life and make a positive influence in the
lives of others.

More About the Author:

Teresa Morrow is an inspirational author and poety and author of "Life Lessons for the Heart, available on Smashwords. Find her Web site at . She networks socially at Facebook, and Twitter, @teresamorrow.

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