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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jordan Williams Reviews Someone Always Loved You

Jordan Williams offers five star review of newly self-published family love story

Someone Always Loved You
By Brooke Golliher
Author's Web Site:
Publisher: Lulu
ISBN#9781300204558 paperback
Available at Lulu
And a kindle edition on

Book Summary:

It is Jay Bartlett's first day as an ambulance driver. Instead of simply delivering his patient to the hospital safely, he hits a pedestrian as they arrive. The victim, Jordan Williams, is just arriving at the hospital to tend to her husband, who has had a heart attack. Instead of keeping vigil by his side, she is thrown into a coma and her own medical emergency. In his guilt, Jay drops his own life and stays with Jordan. Their lives soon become intertwined both in the present as well as in the past as a story of love over time unfolds.

Reviewed by Jordan Williams

This book goes back and forth between a few different perspectives and while sometimes I find that hard to follow in other books, I enjoyed it in this one. It was intriguing to me that I could fall so hard for the main character, a man with so many flaws, and want so badly for the woman he injured to wake up from her coma so they could talk face to face. The author does a good job building a story that makes the reader know what's going on without showing the characters. The reader wants nothing more than to shake the characters to clue them in! That's part of the beauty of writing, we just can't do that! We have to wait! I won't give away the ending, but I can't wait for some of the people I know to read this book so we can talk about it. It is ambiguous enough that each reader can determine how she thinks it ends. I know what I think and now I want to hear what others have to say. Self-published books are sometimes hard to read, but I found this one intriguing, well written, and an excellent read all the way through.

About the Author:

Brooke Williams is a freelance writer who has participated in published works from Chainbooks titled Small Town America and Shadow Lake. She mainly writes articles for websites and takes care of her 3-year-old daughter, but she finds that in her small amount of spare time, fiction is her passion.

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