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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Holly Fox-Vellekoop Reviews Valerie Allen's Newest Book

Beyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony
By Dr. Valerie Allen
Author's Web site:
ISBN: 9781478146117
Genre: Nonfiction-Psychology-Self-help
Reviewed originally for Amazon
Five Stars


Beyond the Inkblots : Confusion to Harmony is a book of simple truths. It opens a path to calm anxiety and find inner peace. It leads the way for personal growth, understanding, and emotional strength.
At some point, we all come face to face with life's big questions dealing with who we are and what we have become. We wonder about those dreams we had and ask where are they now.
We deal with day-to-day issues of hurt, disappointment, and betrayal. We have dark days and sad times, but remarkably, we rebound and we survive. We have accomplished things great and small. We have found success. We have sipped from the cup of love and happiness.
This book offers insight into how we arrived at our place in life. It presents an opportunity to assess the choices we made that brought us to this place at this time. It offers the promise of positive change to reach our goals, find success, and experience emotional stability.
To take charge and be in control of your life, go beyond the inkblots, look deeper into yourself, and move from confusion to harmony.

Reviewed by Holly Fox-Vellekoop
Reading Dr. Allen's book is much like learning from a sage and/or having coffee with a good friend who provides practical advice and a much-needed dose of reality on topics which all of us must face in life. In these changing times, many young people and adults alike have no one to turn to for the wisdom the author imparts in this book. As Dr. Allen so aptly writes in the 'Introduction,' "This book is meant as a journey with musings about life's big questions. It is a place to begin a search and rescue mission for your true self." Read it once, read it twice, then read it again and heed the advice. Be sure to buy "Beyond the Inkblots" for your siblings, grandchildren, friends and anyone else whom you believe would enjoy a good read while gaining direction and self-discovery.
~The author may be reached on Facebook at . She is the author ofBeyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony, Write Publish Sell!, Summer School for Smarties, Bad Hair, Good Hat, New Friends, Sins of the Father,Suffer the Little Children
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